23 fighters operating on the OLF peacefully agreed to fight in the north Shoa Zone

23 fighters operating on the OLF peacefully agreed to fight in the north Shoa Zone

Woreda Police Inspector General Mengistu said the men who had been carrying their arms and hands today and day have struggled with the OLF leadership for six months to two years.

He pointed out that the militants were operating in the Mug River and desert valleys and in search areas between Mogadishu and West Shoa Zone.

Responding to the calls of the Elders and the Government, they have agreed to work for a peaceful way, the Inspector has indicated.

The 33-year-old Mengistu pledged to hand over his arms to the OLF.

He said that the government and people have welcomed the peaceful response of the government and the people of the region and the elders and residents of Wollo Woreda.

Another commentator, who has been a member of the group, has been in the group for six months.

He also said he wanted to benefit the environment through peace and security by the government.

In particular, he stressed that the people will actively support the peaceful transition of the government so that the people can take advantage of their rights and resources.

The young man Gemechu, who has been living in the jungle for seven months, said he had taken an unsuccessful attempt to campaign against the Oromo people.

He said that he was prepared to deploy to the security forces and realize that he was not unemployed.

Tolcha Alemu, a citizen of the region, said that he would continue his effort to return to the jungle by working in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčintra-state relations.

He also urged the local people and the government to work peacefully in the peace process.

The zone security chief and head of the zone security office, Ato lemma said that they are intensifying efforts to secure the security areas in the zone by the Ethiopian Defense Force and the regional security forces.

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