Addis Ababa Police Captures Illegal Weapons

Addis Ababa Police Captures Illegal Weapons

The Addis Ababa Police Commission captures three illegal machine guns and thousands of bullets entering the capital of Ethiopia.

The weapons including, hundreds of Makarov bullets were hidden in a Toyota land cruiser going to Addis Ababa from Bahir Dar City of Amhara region of Ethiopia. To capture the illegal arms the national intelligence has collaborated with the Addis Ababa Police Commission.

According to the Commission the two agencies have used tips from informants to capture the weapons. The Addis Ababa Police Commission has urged the public to continue informing such crimes to the police.

In the past few months police have been capturing illegal weapons, including thousands of Turkish made pistols and bullets.

Weapon is one of the major incoming contraband items smuggled into Ethiopia next to medicines, clothes, electronics, food, drinks, motor cycles and cars, according to Ethiopian Customs Commission, which is recently established by the Ministry of Revenue.

While some of the outgoing contraband items include cannabis, cattle, spices, grains and minerals such as gemstones. In the past six months the Customs Commission of Ethiopia has captured incoming and outgoing contraband items worth 394 million birr, which is around 17% more compared to same period last year.

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