Confederation calls for fixed-minimum wage in private firms

Confederation calls for fixed-minimum wage in private firms

Labor integration crucial to speed up industrialization: Deputy PM

ADDIS ABABA – Confederation of Ethiopian Labor Unions stressed that absence of fixed minimum wage and lack of proper enforcement of laws require urgent solution as they lead to labor exploitation especially in private firms.

During a National Labor Conference launched Wednesday under the theme “Industrial Peace for Inclusive and Sustainable Development,” the Confederation calls on the government to come up with fixed minimum wage to protect the rights of employees in private firms.

On the event, Deputy Prime Minister Demeke Mekonnen said labor integration and social dialogue are crucial to speed up industrialization and strengthen the new socio-economic reforms of the country. The Deputy Premier also said integration between employees and employers is a turning point for industrial peace and overall development of the country.

Peaceful integration of labor is also the backbone of Ethiopian development and competitiveness, he added. “As industrial peace is basic in realizing the ongoing reforms in the country, the government is committed to create conducive environment to ensure lasting industrial peace.

Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, Dr. Ergoge Tesfaye on her part said that human resource is the basic resource of the country and crucial to facilitate transition from agriculture based economy to industrialization.

As industrial peace is the turning point for the country’s development, the ministry is working to solve the challenges by developing social dialogue and strengthening cooperation of labor, she said.

The Ethiopian Herald, December 28/2018


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