Daily Ethiopian news Irreechaa Festival in addis ababa

Daily Ethiopian news Irreechaa Festival in addis ababa

The National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) disclosed that is has busted OLF–Shene terrorist cell which planned attacks at festivals and destabilize the country. 

According to NISS, the terrorist group had been working in secret with anti-peace members of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), which is the ruling party of Tigray Regional State.

The objective of the group was to destabilize the country by triggering conflict at the Irrecha festival in Addis Ababa that takes place tomorrow, in Bishoftu town of Oromia Regional State, and other parts of the country.   

According to NISS, the terrorist cell was captured with 10 Kalashnikovs and 280 bullets last week in Hyqe town of Amhara Regional State along with its entire members.

Endris Eyasu Mohammed, a member of OLF-Shene and one of those individuals recruited to carry out the terror attacks, had been orchestrating the attack along with security bureau head of Tigray regional state, Tekiu Mitku and some TPLF forces of destruction, it indicated.

The terror plot was foiled in a joint operation by NISS, Federal and Amhara Regional Police Commissions as well as the National Defence Forces, the release noted.

In the statement, the Security Service highly appreciated the participation of the community in thwarting the terror plot.

In a related development, the Oromia Police Commission arrested more than 500 while they had been planning to incite violence during the celebration.

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