Enhancing Compensation For Educators Under Consideration: PM Dr Abiy

Enhancing Compensation For Educators Under Consideration: PM Dr Abiy

Addis Ababa, January 5, 2019 (FBC) – Prime Minister Dr Abiy Ahmed held discussions with 3,696 educators from across the country today.

During the discussion, he addressed several questions posed in relation to creating a conducive education environment.

The meeting was held in cognizance of the role of dialogue with educators to nurture their efforts of building the next generation, according to office of the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister highlighted that nation-building is a key outcome of educators invested in fostering a generation that has its country’s best interests at heart.

PM Dr Abiy also responded to several questions and challenges raised by educators.

He said the government continues to be invested in education system reforms demonstrated in the recent split and restructuring of the Ministry of Education as well as the mainstreaming of discussions on education at every Ministerial office.

Regarding salary and incentives for educators, the Premier said as a cross-sector issue, enhancing compensation for educators is currently under consideration by the Ministry of Education, for review of challenges and proposal of solutions.

However, he said, it is an issue that necessitates examining the macroeconomic reality of the country which has been highly debt-ridden and is focused on increasing its fiscal reserves.

Speaking about the role of educators in enhancing and maintaining peace the Prime Minister stressed that educators have a responsibility in nurturing critical thinkers that can sift through the flood of information they are exposed to, so as to make informed choices rather than reactive decisions.

He further underscored the need to cultivating a culture of dialogue and debate; teaching conflict resolution methods and promoting gender, ethnic, religious equity and acknowledging diversity in the teaching process.

In doing this, he said, educators would be addressing the 4Rs of education for sustainable peacebuilding-redistribution, reconciliation, recognition and representation.

“The Government is currently in a period of spearheading reforms which is changing the violent and repressive actions that Ethiopians were previously confronted with. Therefore, its current practice of democratic tolerance should not be read for a weak government,” he said.

Emphasizing that currently there is only one Government in Ethiopia led by him, he said the era of asserting dominance through the barrel of a gun is over and any attempts by groups to proclaim authority in a period of three to five months is no short of a hallucination.

Commenting on Media’s role, he said “Media is responsible in playing a greater role in peace education, particularly in bridging the divide between the regions, by bringing the everyday realities of people from different parts of the country.

Prime Minister Dr Abiy concluded the discussion with educators stressing that Ethiopia has many pillars and nails holding it together and called upon all to do their part in strengthening the country.

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