Eritrean and Ethiopian leaders re- opened another border crossing while two others reclose

Eritrean and Ethiopian leaders re- opened another border crossing while two others reclose

Hundreds of people demonstrated against Gedu Andargachew from entering the Tigrai state preventing the ceremony from taking place in Humera. The ceremony was done on the Eritrean side instead. We are proud of the youth in Humera and surrounding people.

A few days after two of the major international border crossings namely the Zalambesa – Serha and the Adi Quala – Rama were suddenly closed by the Eritrea government without any explanation, rumors were flying left and right why the Eritrean government decided to close the most busy border points. The three main border crossings Zalambesa – Serha, the Adi Quala – Rama and the Humera- Oum Hajer are located in the state of Tigrai, in the Ethiopian side.

When the unexpected closure of the two major border crossings took place neither the Ethiopian federal government nor the Tigrai state government gave any statement about the news and the Eritrean government didn’t give any official reason why it closed the border.

The Humera- Oum Hajer border crossing wasn’t officially opened even though people were crossing the border from both sides, but this point is not as busy as the Zalambesa – Serha and the Adi Quala – Rama and the density of the population around the border in the is much less. People from Eritrea and the Tigrai state of northern Ethiopia which borders Eritrea were upset and confused about the border crossing.

The official re-opening of the Humera- Oum Hajer border crossing now while the two major once are still closed caught the world by surprise. Most people on both sides of the border which happens to be the same heritage is dumbfounded about the yo-yo diplomacy of Prime Minister Abiy and President Isaias Afwerki of Eritrea. The secrecy and circumstance under which the Humera- Oum Hajer border crossing opened will fuel more tension and suspicion between the Abiy Ahmed government and the people of Tigrai.

Abiy Ahmed’s relationship with people and government of Tigrai state have gone from bad to worst in the past six months due to Abiy’s exclusion Tigrai from anything major and his relationship with Gedu Andargachew the Amara state president and architect of anti Tigrai racist propaganda. Almost 12 thousand Tigraian civilians were forcefully and unlawfully deported from Amara state and tens of thousands more have been displaced from Amara regional state orchestrated by the senior government officials in the state. The federal highways that connect Tigrai state to central Ethiopia some of which passes through Amara regional state were blocked by the people and security forces many times to hurt trade and business in Tigrai state. That is why it is so ironic irritating to see the devilish Gedu Andargachew in this border crossing.

Two days ago unidentified two military helicopters landed in the town of Dansha in north waste Tigrai which is near Humera city where the border crossing took place today. The local population and militia surrounded the helicopters, forced out occupants, searched the military helicopters and held them for further clarification from the higher state government officials. It is clear now that these were advanced security team for Abiy Ahmed and the rest of the officials arriving today.

The Zalambesa – Serha and the Adi Quala – Rama border crossings re-opening was joyous event. Thousands of civilians from both sides joined the opening ceremonies singing, dancing cheering and crying with tears of joy. The latest one at Humera- Oum Hajer border crossing is totally different. Eritrean president Isaias Afwerki and Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed who was accompanied by the Tigrai state president, Dr. Debretsion Gebremichael whose state is directly borders Eritrea came to the border to open it officially. The Ethiopian prime minister also brought with him the notorious Amara regional state president Gedu Andargachew, God knows why because the prime minister of Ethiopia as a head of the Ethiopian government and the Tigrai state president as the leader of the state where the border crossing is located are expected to be there, but not the criminal responsible for the lives of hundreds of innocent.

The guests were supposed to be welcomed by the people to do the re-opening ceremony and they probably expected a warm welcome. Instead they were met with a huge hostile crowd shouting at them “Abiy leba! Gedu leba! Gedu leba! ” which translates Abiy the thief, Gedu the thief. The crowd was blocked by heavily armed soldiers and pushed back. The reason is the people of Tigrai are angry at Abiy because they believe Abiy is secretly working with enemies of Tigrai in order to weaken the state. Tigraians in particular and Ethiopians in general are convinced the current accidental prime minister’s actions so far indicate he has hidden personal agendas which include becoming the “the 7th king of Ethiopia.

The Tigrai people should get ready for any eventualities, but most of all the Tigrai state government leaders should pay great attention to what they do with Abiy Ahmed. The people of Tigrai have lost trust in the federal government for many reasons. Any action or gesture by the Tigrai government authorities that slightly indicates they are working with Abiy will cost them much more.

As far as Tigrai Online is concerned this latest drama doesn’t look healthy or for good reason. Dr. Debertsion you should be extremely careful who you take your pictures with or your loose the trust of the Tigrai people.

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