Ethiopia: Denmark launches first national program in Ethiopia

Ethiopia: Denmark launches first national program in Ethiopia

The government has agreed to set aside 1 billion kroner in aid to help promote democracy, fight poverty and create sustainable growth in Ethiopia over the next five years.

Denmark will collaborate with partners from the Kenyan civil society as well as UN organisations to support the east African’s democratic reform ushered in by the new prime minister, Abiy Ahmed.

“Ethiopia is proceeding through a historic period which, if all goes well, will benefit the Ethiopian people and region,” said the development minister, Ulla Tørnæs.
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“The government actively backs the process of change via the first national aid program in Ethiopia, in which fighting poverty and supporting good governance are imperative elements.”

Poverty rife
Despite a blossoming economy, Ethiopia still suffers from extreme poverty underpinned by hosting almost one million refugees from conflicts in the area.

The Danish efforts seek to contribute to the realisation of the UN Climate Goals and address the reasons for irregular migration in the region.

“Preventing food insecurity and championing sustainable resource utilisation is essential to ensuring that poor families have an opportunity to become self-reliant and improve their living conditions,” said Tørnæs.

Mary the Masai
In related news, Tørnæs has teamed up with Crown Princess Mary for a two-day jaunt to Kenya to promote the rights of women and girls.

The Danish delegation visited the slum area in Nairobi, as well as northern parts of the country to take in Danida’s work helping women from traditional patriarchal nomad communities to run nature reserves.

The Crown Princess and Tørnæs both dressed up in traditional Masai garments as part of that trip.
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