Ethiopia: Lemma Megersa amazing speech

Ethiopia: Lemma Megersa amazing speech

One of the first reforms Lemma tried to undertake was to prevent the interference of the federal police in the state affairs of Oromia region. He called for respect of the constitution and let the region exercise its constitutional power. In this regard, Lemma managed to limit and prevent the interference of the military in regional demonstrations, and regulating investments within Oromia Regional State.[4]

Lemma also took measures on investment projects that were operating in violation of rules or not benefiting the region. The regional government terminated the operating license of such businesses. Besides, a number of illegal mining companies were shut down.[4]

In an attempt to create job opportunity for the youth, Lemma also introduced a measure that allows raw materials used by factories, especially cement, be provided by small scale enterprises, instead of being mined by the factory itself. This allowed the youth to form groups and provide quarry to factories. He has a huge support among the youth and he is most popular politician in the country. He believes in equal respect of the right of all nations, respect of constitution of the country.

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