Ethiopia Today- Untold Crimes Stories of Yared Zerihun

Ethiopia Today- Untold Crimes Stories of Yared Zerihun

Ethiopia Today. Yared Zerihun, deputy director general of the National Intelligence and Security Service (NISA), was arrested and charged with the murder of Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) and Patriarch of Ginbot 7 in connection with serious human rights abuses and corruption.

The Federal Police Crime Investigation Team told the Federal High Court Ledger Tenth Circuit that, after being imprisoned for being members of the OLF and Armed Forces Ginbot 7 political organizations that were then subjected to torture and extreme injuries, He added that Mr. Yared’s order was given to the security personnel in his job.

During the additional 14 days of the investigation, the suspect was arrested on suspicion of unlawful arrest, detention, and unlawful confinement of up to five months by using baton and torture methods, he said.
As per Federal Police Crime Investigation Team, Yared Zerihun have been killing OLF Ginbot 7 members and they were withdrawing funds from banks using the deceased members fake national ID.

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