Ethiopian Breaking News- Sheraton Addis is Sold!

Ethiopian Breaking News- Sheraton Addis is Sold!

Breaking Ethiopian news- as per the insider news the renowned Sheraton Addis is Sold to Marriott international hotel. Sheraton Addis, uxorious hotel in Addis Ababa, was founded by the Ethio-Saudi National Sheikh Mohammed Al Alamoudi 20 years ago.

as per internal news sources, the hotel is now fully sold for Marriott corporate and it is expected to operate under Marriott international hotel starting from the eve of European new year.

Breaking Ethiopian news

this news has shocked the employees of the sheraton addis Hotel. moreover this move taken by MIDROC raises the question that the detained billionaire will not appear in life again. after the murder of former Saudi journalist Jemal Kashoggi, the saudi prince is sustained that he might also executes those billionaires already detained in prison.

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