Ethiopian Muslims Celebrate Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday

Ethiopian Muslims Celebrate Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday

Addis Ababa – November 20, 2018 – Ethiopian Muslims across the country celebrated the 1493rd Mawlid festival, birthday of the Prophet Muhammad today.

Thousands of Muslims in Addis Ababa in particular, marked the festivity at Anwar Grand Mosque with prayer ceremonies and spiritual songs honoring the

During the occasion Deputy President of Addis Ababa Islamic Affairs Council, Haji Nur Hussein Mohamed has called up on the Muslim communities to mark the day with special attention of people in need of any assist.

He also urged the Muslim communities to celebrate the festivity by keeping the doctrines of the prophet by sharing love each other and doing good deeds and helping the poor among others.

Prophet Muhammad was born in AD 570 and is thought by Muslims to be a messenger and prophet sent by God. His birthday is observed by prayers at mosque and charity for the needy.

Source: ENA

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