Ethiopia, PM, abiy ahmed, others nominated for the African Leadership Magazine Persons of the Year 2018

Ethiopia, PM, abiy ahmed, others nominated for the African Leadership Magazine Persons of the Year 2018

The African Leadership Magazine has unveiled a shortlist of nominees for the 2018 African Leadership Magazine Persons of the Year 2018. The Publisher, Dr. Ken Giami, who unveiled the nominees at the group’s corporate head office in the UK, observed that the nominations for the 2018 edition of the Persons of the Year, attracted submissions from East, West, South, North and Southern Africa. The publisher also stated that “all the nominees have risen above the obvious challenges that their milieus have thrown at them to achieve greatness in their own unique ways but in different roles.”

The shortlist was preceded by a call for the nomination which attracted over 250 entries, from within and outside the continent. The eventual winners would be decided via a voting process. Below are the distinguished Africans who made the shortlist of nominees in different categories:

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You are therefore invited to vote Africans in different categories for this prestigious award. Voting closes on the 10th December 2018, at midnight Central African Time.

About the Persons of the Year Award:

The African Leadership Magazine Persons of the Year Award is a vote-based awards program, reserved for African business, political and diplomatic leaders, who are considered to have blazed the trail in different categories in the year under review. The awards enjoy one of the most participatory processes, as Africans get to decide who takes the coveted crown in different categories.

About African Leadership Magazine:

The African Leadership magazine is published by African Leadership (UK) Limited, a company registered in the United Kingdom (Company No. 07435198). The magazine focuses on bringing the best of Africa to a global audience, telling the African story from an African perspective; while evolving solutions to peculiar challenges being faced by the continent today.

Since its maiden edition, African Leadership Magazine has grown to become a leading pan-African flagship leadership-focused publication read by over 1, 000, 000 targeted international investors, business executives, government policy makers, and multilateral agencies across Africa, the Middle East and Asia, Europe, and the US. It is distributed at major international and African Leadership events around the world. The magazine has over 850,000 subscribers/Followers on Facebook and a virile readership on other social media platforms. It is a niche and unbiased African voice born out of a desire to ameliorate a lot of Africans by focusing on individuals and corporate bodies that are known for their legacy-based approach to leadership. We believe in building sustainable leadership in Africa through the exchange of ideas in tandem with global best practices. The magazine shall continually seek to herald the dawn of a new Africa as the continent of promise and global leadership, championed by people of integrity and resilience who are rising from the challenges of an unpleasant past; thereby preserving a legacy for future generations of our people.

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48 thoughts on “Ethiopia, PM, abiy ahmed, others nominated for the African Leadership Magazine Persons of the Year 2018

  1. ለእውነት የቆመ በአንድ ኢትዬጵያ የሚያምን ኢትዬጵያን አድናት ተብሎ ከላይ የተላከ ነብይ ነው።አይደለም ለአፍሪካ ለአለም መድሃኒት።

  2. Dr.Abiy Ahimed is the reformer of Ethiopian ethinical based conflicts wisely and knowledgeably.
    He has contributed his ability to do so for Other African leaders and even for the world.

  3. I have seen almost three government systems and their elite leaders in my life but not met like Dr Abiy the present leader of my country,Ethiopia who calmed down the heart of all nation in all his steps of leadership.Very thanks!

  4. Dr Abiy Ahmed is a visionary and transformational leader who’s working hard to bring meaningful positive changes in Ethiopia.

  5. Dr. Abiy, One of the greatest leader in history. Within his six month of his leadership he freed all the political prisoners, he preached democracy for the oppressed Ethiopian people and attracted all the opposition groups to come back home for rebuilding New Ethiopia. He took back home Ethiopian priests which were Kicked by the previous regime with him in his plane and invited all Ethiopian citizens to go back to their home land to rebuild their country. He put in prison the TPLF generals for stealing lots of government money and those who killed, tortured so many Ethiopian, and still trying to capture the rest of them. Dr. Abiy should be man of the year for his accomplishment within short period of time. History won’t forget what he did for all Ethiopian people and his love to bring African together as a nation.

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