Ever since the peace talks with Eritrea, our Prime Minister Dr Abiy Ahmed’

Ever since the peace talks with Eritrea, our Prime Minister Dr Abiy Ahmed’

Ever since the peace talks with Eritrea, our Prime Minister Dr Abiy Ahmed’s biggest conundrum was how to bring back Ethiopian defence force weapons from the border to Addis Ababa , hence ruling out the way through tigray region.
There were different kinds of suggestions some even coming from our adversary Isaias Afwerki who suggested that we use land route via Assab through the Afar Region then to Addis Ababa , at first glance it is not a bad idea but when we look closely at the terms and conditions tied to Afwerki’s efforts I know no Ethiopia loving patriot would accept.

Isaias Afwerki wants FIFTY PERCENT of Ethiopia’s weapons that are at the border if we agree to his Terms and conditions , that is insane giving half of our Defence weapons to the ENEMY , what is even more insane is one of the people pushing for this crazy deal of Fifty Percent of our weapons to be given to Isaias Afwerki is Lemma Megersa, I knew he was crooked and corrupt but I never imagined he was a traitor. The Other person who is lobbying for this deal to go through is Mr Demeke Mekonnen who even went as far as to say instead of this weapons falling into the hands of the TPLF let it all be taken by Eritrea. WHAT ? ?? Mr Demeke do you not know that Tigray is our Ethiopian Brethren while Eritrea is our long time adversary ? Our Prime Minister Dr Abiy Ahmed finds 5% up to 10% acceptable .

Dear Prime Minister I don’t think any Ethiopian in their right mind would accept any deal whereby Eritrea gets a single Gun of our Defence Forces weapons. THINK ETHIOPIA FIRST .

Another point of concern which I will elaborate more on in my next article is if you thought OLF are dangerous secessionists there is even the ONLF a more dangerous Secessionist group that has ties with all the groups who have anti Ethiopian sentiments be it the Somali Al shabaab or Eritrea and now the ONLF is planning to open it’s Headquarters in DIRE DAWA , why you may ask ? The answer is simple they want to once again fuel the ethnic problems and claim Dire Dawa for Somali Region. These dangerous groups will be talked about in my upcoming article.
God bless Ethiopia

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