“If we ask, we’re asked together in common!” ~

“If we ask, we’re asked together in common!” ~

“If we ask, we’re asked together in common!” ~
abay tsehaye
One of the founders of the TPLF and the leader of the ruling party EPRDF, abay tsehaye, who has worked for various government positions, has been with the #BBC on political change and related issues in Ethiopia.

The BBC is still considered a hindrance to the change in the current Ethiopian situation. How do you see the change?
Abay Tsehaye, the current change in Ethiopia, has begun to apologize to the EPRDF, saying that the EPRDF has “committed a great deal of wrong and is destroying”. The TPLF has played a key role in solving, solving, and apologizing to the people at this stage.
The Tenth Central Committee Review was very deep and wide. Others took it as a pioneer and a model. Therefore, the TPLF has been transformed into a reformist, active and active player. Prior to that, the TPLF had a much worse problem than the Tigrayan people, and as a part of the EPRDF Party, it has made a lot of mistakes. So I did not make a mistake, I did not say no, I did not do anything wrong. He listted all of this to the EPRDF and gave it to the people.
After that, the TPLF was elected as the Chairperson and Prime Minister of the Ethiopian People’s Party as a member of EPRDF. He supported the change in law by sincerely saying, “It is our common rule and common ground.”
The TPLF also played a significant role in the construction of good works. For example, the peace agreement with Eritrea, the arrival of outside protesters, and the attempt to bring peace into the peace process are the outcome of the EPRDF Executive Election and the Election Law.

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