More than 18 million US $ 817 thousand more government and human rights are claimed to be abused, the police report.

More than 18 million US $ 817 thousand more government and human rights are claimed to be abused, the police report.

According to the police, r General Kinfe Dagnew is a member of the Kidaw Renaissance Darm and various international and local institutions, as well as finances.
In the case of the Mt. Cement mine, 25% of the methamphetamine scale, 65% of the total 16 billion birr were paid, and 7 billion insufficient verification.

Metals and Engineering Corporation has been contracted with a contract of 8 million 581 thousand $ 92 USD without a bid, a plan and a buyout requirement of a Chinese company, CITI.

This is a policy that Muger Jiangar Kagdan is.

METACO has entered into a contractual agreement with China’s Ha Tay Texting Industry (LTT), with a total of 100 foot pedals, with a bid, plan and purchase requirement of 10 million 236 thousand US dollars.

The police alleged that the suspects had received only 10 foot pedestrians and that the remaining 90 footwitches were unknown,

More than 18 million US $ 817 thousand more government and human rights are claimed to be abused, the police report.

Concerning the purchase of the electronics and hydraulic works and the purchase of mirrors from the Grand Red Ribbon, the company signed an agreement with the Ethiopian Electric Power Company with 24 billion birr of 400 million and 463 thousand 424 birr signed by the Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation in October 2011.

Only 23 percent of these transactions have been completed, with 65.65 percent of the contract, or about 16 billion 790 million 601,000 birr from 48 cents.

Seven million birr or 740 million birr of this amount is not disclosed, according to the police.

The five black turbines are expected to be imported from overseas and are subject to excessive damage to the economy.

He said that after the introduction of Metcalf, it was inappropriate for other companies to abandonnate its operations, for the cement plant, for the cement plant, the quality of the cement, the quality of the cement, and the quantity and quality of its cassava cement.

Regarding the dam’s construction, METEC has provided a number of assorted offenses relating to the purchase of transport services and related referrals.

Regarding the bishops’ automotive automation machineries and auto engineers, the bishop is engaged in procurement of machineries purchased from machineries and machineries purchased from 2002 to 2005 under the law.

It has been said that 13 out of 14 companies signed a total of more than 29 contracts with a total of more than $ 1 billion in purchasing a government over a total of more than 29 billion contracts.

The purchase of three new and 2 used mobile cranes, worth 6 million 465 thousand Euro, and another 3,000 Crédits as well as 6,000,000 Euros from one company, GEO LC, one company from GE Biotech and one company from GE BiH, Conflict is suspected.

Metallic officials were also suspected of purchasing $ 56 million worth of 943,800 US dollars worth of construction machinery and a government procurement of $ 660,000 worth of service from the Singaporean Power Company PLC.

Also, with the Italian company Teknito Tresa, the Italian company, with a cost of 4 million 540 thousand Euros, has lost out on the quality and financial benefits of the government.

He gave an alternate appointment for the next hearing on December 9, 2011, to adjudicate on the left side of the verdict on December 14, 2011.

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