OLF Liberation Front leader, and another person were detained for questioning by the security forces

OLF Liberation Front leader, and another person were detained for questioning by the security forces

OLF Liberation Front leader, and another person were detained for questioning by the security forces
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The Executive Committee of the Oromo People’s Democratic Party (ODP) held an extraordinary meeting yesterday to discuss various decisions on the issue of peace and security.

According to the Executive Committee, Oromo and Oromia live in peace, and in both Oromia and Oromia, the Oromo rural system is based on ideological, ideological, and rule-based rule of law to ensure equal access to justice, peace, development and rule of law. It has been a boom for equality.

As a result, the human and democratic rights of the country have been conducive to peace and reconciliation, peace and reconciliation.

The DPI’s broader Oromo people were only able to cross from dark to light, only by walking and gunshooting, as an alternative to Oromo values ​​and peace.

He also said that Oromia is a land of peace, prosperity, and prosperity in the region.

The peace committee is open to all political parties, not Afro-Buku, but it is open to the public, according to the Executive Committee.

Especially the realization of the political rights of the people is repeated in the economic sector and the promise made to the people is being fulfilled and the great promises are being made and the people are enjoying the victory.

The Oppistence is not only about moving Oromo to the next chapter, but also to promoting successful development of the Oromo economy, to transform all Oromo resources into economics, and to limit the ignorance of Oromo scholars in terms of knowledge and skills of Oromo in the economic sector.

The Opposition said the Opposition would reiterate its request to answer the questions raised by the Opposition.

With a view to safeguarding the political and economic freedoms from coast to end, the promise made to the peaceful struggle of the people, from the widespread and inefficiencies of the struggle against the EPRP, is awe-inspiring, The Executive Committee announced that they are working to make the battlefield a reality.

The committee said that it was impossible for the internal and external forces to control the Oromo people in order to disrupt the peace of the people, to safeguard the population peacefully and to be insecure, to stop projects affecting the community and to ensure that the people’s promises were not fulfilled.

The victory was not achieved by the Abhidhamma, the corrupt ideology, the unity and the unity of the Oromo philosophy, as well as the unity and ambition of today’s opposition. He said.

Today, the enemies of the Oromia Police, as well as the Opposition’s guards, and the people of the Oromia Police Force, have been tortured and killed by gunshot wounds on peaceful mobs. Their life is gone.

The Oromo People’s Democratic Party has expressed its deepest sympathy to the families of their loved ones and their loved ones.

In the region, the law is in the process of restricting the rule of law of the people, especially in the education of western Oromia, he said.

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