oromo democratic party statement today

oromo democratic party  statement today

The Executive Committee of the Oromo People’s Democratic Party (ODP) held an extraordinary meeting yesterday to discuss various decisions on the issue of peace and security.

According to the Executive Committee, Oromo and Oromia live in peace, and in both Oromia and Oromia, the Oromo rural system is based on ideological, ideological, and rule-based rule of law to ensure equal access to justice, peace, development and rule of law. It has been a boom for equality.

As a result, the human and democratic rights of the country have been conducive to peace and reconciliation, peace and reconciliation.

The DPI’s broader Oromo people were only able to cross from dark to light, only by walking and gunshooting, as an alternative to Oromo values ​​and peace.

He also said that Oromia is a land of peace, prosperity, and prosperity in the region.

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