PM Abiy Ahmed Calls Nazrawit’s Families

PM Abiy Ahmed Calls Nazrawit’s Families

PM Abiy Ahmed Calls Nazrawit’s Families

On the anniversary of his being elected Prime Minister, PM Abiy Ahmed contacted the family of Nazrawit Abera, [the] #Ethiopia/n citizen detained in #China & facing a possible death sentence [on charges of alleged drug trafficking]. PM Abiy stressed that he was following the case diligently & expects a good outcome.

In addition he also stressed that Nazrawit’s issues will be on his agenda during a trip to China that he is planning to undertake soon.
Source Via #Addis_Standard

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia said the government is following the situation of Nazrawit Abera closely, according to the FBC report.

Nebiat Getachew, Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, told FBC today that the government through its consulate in Guangzhou is monitoring Nazrawit’s situation. Consulate personnel have already visited her three times so far.

She and her family strenuously deny that she ever intended to import drugs into the country. She insists that she travlled to China for business opportunities, and the bottles discovered in her luggage via the advanced high tech sensors at the airport were put by a friend who had planned to accompany her but cancelled at the last minute.

She was taken away on December 22, 2018, and since that day, her family haven’t heard from her. In the past, Chinese courts have delivered death sentences for lesser crimes, which is terrifying to the families and friends of Nazrawit.

Nazrawit is a civil engineer by training. She completed her university studies at age 23. For a while she was working for construction firms. Family and friends describe her as very studious and truly independent.

Nazrawit’s situation has garnered worldwide attention having been profiled in various international media outlets. Several groups and international organizations have also started petitions to help save her life.

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