PM Abiy Says Nation Continues Reinforcing Reform Pillars

PM Abiy Says Nation Continues Reinforcing Reform Pillars

Addis Ababa, September 9/2020(ENA) Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said reinforcing pillars of the ongoing reform is being carried out in various sectors, which is registering encouraging results in many aspects, including institutional building.

In an exclusive interview with the Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporate, the Premier said in the past two years the comprehensive reform in Ethiopia has promising outcomes though there is no a flawless reform anywhere.

The comprehensive ultra-structural reforms undertaken over the past two years were fruitful in restoring the social and cultural pillars of the country, he stated.

The Premier said media and Civic Society Organizations were part of the all-inclusive reform in Ethiopia.

Unlike now a majority of media were either jammed or blocked, Abiy said, and noted that has totally changed after the reform.

The erroneous narration which was against unity by labeling groups was dangerous, the Premier stated, and added “to abolish that we established Prosperity Party which has paramount significance to the country’s future.”

Prosperity Party encompasses love, friendship, mutual understanding, and brotherhood not enmity, he said, and emphasized however, this may take time for the concepts to be the culture and build the Ethiopia we all want.

“We need to think and act as a nation not we and them,” he underscored.

Institutional reform that changed the overall narration was undertaken on Attorney General, Information Network Security Agency, Federal Police, and Defense Minister.

The nation had to face huge loss due to the bunch of oligarchies in Information Network Security Agency and Defense Minister, Abiy stated, and elaborated that changing the entire narration was not as easy as it seems now.

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