PM Dr Abiy Urges Yemenis To Restore Peace Through Dialogue

PM Dr Abiy Urges Yemenis To Restore Peace Through Dialogue

Addis Ababa, December 4, 2018 (FBC) – Prime Minister Dr Abiy Ahmed has called upon the people of Yemen to restore peace and prosperity in the country through dialogue and applying wisdom.

In his message, the Prime Minister urged them “to use reason, sit at the table and talk, negotiate, and discuss what is best.”

“You should agree and disagree without bloodshed, and without wars, as the people of one home,” he said.

He also recommended the people of Yemen to offer themselves and their children a future that is built on the foundation of science, knowledge, and development.

“Plan your growth and progress, and keep up with the civilization that you were once at the forefront of,” the Prime Minister added.

“Think about what your country has come to from separation, fighting, and killing. Think of the common good rather than personal interests, and renounce sectarianism and fragmentation.”

“Come to common conclusion that you agree on, in the interest of your honorable people who have suffered so much from the scourge of this useless war-the war that will only leave behind destruction and ruin.”

The Prime Minister urged the people to put their differences “on the proverbial table of dialogue, reason, wisdom, and equity.”

Read the full text of the Prime Minister’s message below:

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One thought on “PM Dr Abiy Urges Yemenis To Restore Peace Through Dialogue

  1. I am not going to be surprised. Because Abiy Ahmed he is Muslim,Amhara, Oromo, Protestant Cristian he is the right nominee for them. I don’t believe that He is stand for Ethiopian interest he is a puppet someone who get Orders from Saudi Arabia and Other country’s. And that’s ok we have been allies with different he countries for so long. my concern is how is that possible to succeed when you play games and gamble with your own peoples life in your own country? Instead of focusing fix his internal problem he is trying to divert the attention to Yemen, who is destroying Yemen that a Saudi and he is saying this so he can look like middleman.That is dirty politics.

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