President Sahlework Confers with Ambassadors of Peace Mothers

President Sahlework Confers with Ambassadors of Peace Mothers

Addis Ababa December 22/201 8President Sahlework Zewede coffered with Ambassadors of Peace Mothers on Friday, who tour of the country during the past month.

Some 22 Ambassadors of Peace Mothers have been gathered from the nine regional states and two city administrative cities traveled across the country in order to preach peace and stability, it was indicated.

Speaking at the welcoming ceremony at the national palace, President Sahlework called on the public to implement the peace advocacy which has been preaching by Ambassadors of Peace Mothers.

The president praised the mothers who have been working to bring peace and stability women in different part of the country since last November.

“Women have the ability to solve critical issues in the society,” the president said, adding that “they would play significant role to resolve conflict and bring peace and security.’

Muferiat Kamil, Minster of Peace appreciated the move of Ambassadors of Peace Mothers who are trying to nurture peace through preaching love and unity.

Ambassadors of Peace Mothers said on their part hatred and discrimination have no historical ground in Ethiopia saying that “the fore fathers and mother have not taught detestation and it is not the manifestation of Ethiopians.”

On the occasion, Ambassadors of Peace Mothers have received recognition certificate from President Sahlework Zewede.

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