Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Expected to Visit Dire-dawa

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Expected to Visit Dire-dawa

Reliable sources close to gov’t officials indicates that high delegates lead by Abiy Ahmed are expected to visit Dire-dawa to officially launch the industrial park based in Malka Jabatu of Dire-dawa.

Dire-dawa Industrial Park construction has been finalized where the land area it cover-up is said is about 3000 ha. This project will likely create job opportunity for more than 1 million people in & around the city. The industrial park entails multiple sectors including heavy industries, Textile & Apparel, vehicles assembly, and Food Processing, electronic, paper & allied products, chemicals.

Reportedly, top officials from Somali regional and Oromo regions are expected to accompany the PM in this mission where they are also expected to meet the elders from both Somali and Oromo communities in Dire-Dawa.

Last year, Ethiopia and Djibouti launched Africa’s first modern electrified railway covering 752.7-km connecting Addis Ababa-Djibouti railway and cover an hourly speed of 120 kilometers was inaugurated.

The Railway-line was constructed by China Railway Group and China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation with a total of 4 billion U.S. dollars.

This modern railway has reduced travel time from seven days on roads to about 10 hours and provided landlocked Ethiopia with a faster access to the port.

There have been high expectations on the railway that will boost industrialization along its route and also would increase trade and economic ties between Ethiopia and Djibouti.

Meanwhile, SRD senior reporter in Dired-dawa confirmed that the vice presidents of Somali region and Oromia regions Adan Farah; Ahmed Tusa and Dire-dawa mayor are currently in Dire-dawa paving the groundwork for the visits of the PM and other high-ranking officials from Somali and Oromia to Dire-dawa

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