Relations with Diaspora Registers Tremendous Improvement: Institute

Relations with Diaspora Registers Tremendous Improvement: Institute

Addis Ababa March 30/2019  The attachment and involvement of the Ethiopian Diaspora to their country has shown tremendous improvement during the past year, according toEthiopian Foreign Relations Strategic Studies Institute.

The year was a successful year in diplomacy when the country engaged the diaspora constructively, Foreign Relations Strategic Studies Institute Deputy Director Hallelujah Lule said.

According to him, the last twelve months can be taken as a period when the government significantly improved the hostile attitude of the diaspora.

Hallelujah recalled the discussions held with the diaspora in Europe and North America was fruitful.

Remittances grew by 27 % during the stated period while the Trust Fund initiated by PM Abiy raised some 3 million USD, he elaborated.

“Our embassies and missions which attracted demonstrations against the government are now havens where they receive support and protection,” the deputy director said.

The government’s impressive move in reforming the political and economic areas is the main push factor for the improved relationship with the diaspora.

Hallelujah, however, said the Diaspora Agency, embassies and consuls need to work more to sustain the engagement of the diaspora.

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