The government is preparing to issue a pay-per-view on social media media

The government is preparing to issue a pay-per-view on social media media

Ethio Telecom has come up with a unique tariff for using Internet communications such as instagram,WhatsApp,imo it is important that these applications have been launched two years ago in order to close the telescope in Ethiopia. However, due to lack of foreign exchange due to the lack of foreign exchange, If the provider terminates with the company, the procurement is delayed.
Now, the company has purchased the foreign exchange.
Ethio Telecom mainly wanted to set up this regulatory system because its revenue from billions of euros was declining. As Watsapp: Virility and mitigation applications have been widely used in Ethiopia, it has been possible for foreigners to communicate with friends, colleagues, or work partners. This has substantially reduced the number of subscribers to telephony services for international subscribers.

So we have heard from companies about how to make social media audio and text services applications more specific to the tariff zone and more of the internet connection.

The system also offers the ability to operate applications in Ethiopia without the need for Ethio Telecom.

Countries have been shown to have applications like the ones in the same system, but for a number of reasons, which have not worked in their own territory. The government has no intention of doing so.

Source: wazema radio

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