This day is an Ethiopian Day- Dr.abiy ahmed

This day is an Ethiopian Day-  Dr.abiy ahmed

Dear My people!

This day is an Ethiopian Day.

This day is a day of our patriarchal unity.

This day is the day when we think of ourselves as being many, united as we are. Today is a day when our country is one, but its gifts are many.

Unity and plurality are natural. Illumination itself is a unified, but multifaceted. One Universe is packed with tufts of tufts. Without it, the world would be lazy and boring.

Unity is not only unique to the world but its existence is unique and unique. The diversity of creatures that make the world stand out are interconnected, matched, and merged. Only natural input between plants and animals is just enough. Clearly, one is the foundation for the other.

Our country is one of the two countries without success. Ethiopians are also the givers of the homeland of the citizens of this country, who are often united. One Ethiopia is often seen in many forms. These are the distinctive features of the unit, its hinges and loaves, nationalities and nationalities. And the Ethiopian nationality is the sum total of all. This unity creates a strong unity. But we should always be aware that unity does not mean “one kind.”

Some think that the solution to the problems we are facing as a people is “one kind.” We can learn from the neighboring country without having to go a long distance to our problems, either as a temporary solution or as a guarantee of our strengths. All of us need to understand that grace is not a curse but a curse. Nature neither taught us the same thing.

We need creative thinking to overcome new gaps. Our effort to pass through our harbor with a strong bridging bridge is not unduly significant. Conversely, when we are guided by little ideas, we are more cautious but not inexperienced.

A few individuals are trying to emphasize the hinge rather than the standing wall. Instead of digging the hole, they cut their time by widening. “It’s a little to know a little,” and it’s true. Beginning with a sense of inadequacy does not mean that we know it, but it only makes us see the gut. And as we become more aware, we feel united, we come together to cooperate.

More often than not, when knowledge leads to unity, it is ignorance but takes place separately. The Ethiopian, the Nations and the Peoples have long been a walled city with no walls, nor are they. When they are married, when they are born, when they are related, they have been left alone and privately.

What we say today is a culture, that culture has preserved and preserved it for Ethiopia.

We have made it to the bottom of the country, and all of us have been blessed for it. That’s why one’s culture is for all of us, one’s language for us, one for everyone, one for one, for one’s life. That culture is a cultural tradition that preserves the people. He cares for us, we do not remember him, he cares, we are all thankful for that people. For all of us.

Our stories are our greatest testimonies, how we have lived so long ago.

Before the new hate spells came, our stories of fairy tale mixed up into how many seamstresses we have taken, such as living together as a family, socializing, and associating.

The Ethnic and Nationalities of the Ethiopian Ethnicity and Ethnic Minorities have the uniqueness, unparalleled diversity of cultures, cultures and societies in which they have been cultivated, cultivated, cultivated, cultivated, cultivated, cultivated and cultivated. .

Many of our African and Ethiopian philosophies, which are characteristic of our different cultures, are similar to their content and content. To the poor, to the sluggish, to the king, to the detriment, to the boss, to adultery, to fear, to stupidity, to anger, to tolerance, to being lazy, to a hardworking person, to a fool, to the animal.

Courage, Hunger, Mortality, Labor, Materialism, Patience, Homosexuality, Parenthood, Human Immorality, Guardianism, Faithfulness, Word Commitment, and Others. From Snoop to Moyale, from Crown to Togo, we find these values ​​in our annotations. Conversely, they are condemned, condemned, condemned, betrayed, murdered, abusive, incapable, arbitrary, covetous, country-seller, apostate, and injustice.

We are able to live with one of the many gifts that Ethiopia has given us. Unlike many of us, we have been unpredictably and unclothed and unobstructed. Our unity for our many people, and many of us have been a part of our unity, ornaments and wealth. Our unity for our common good is the rostrum.

Many of us are engineers, engineers, and engineers. Ethiopia’s nationality, as it continues to grow as the wine grows, favors nationality, culture, heritage, language, heritage, and history. Ethiopianness does not sound quiet like a pond. Ethnic interactions are a reflection of the growing, growing, and energetic peoples of the nation as a result of the interaction between nations.

In our country, nobody knows. It is different because of the language, and it has the same meaning as “Ethiopian”. Our children were born in different parts of the world and spoke the same language. In many cases, our families are different in culture and language, but different from us. But no one is talking about them. So is it in the country.

It’s a language that’s speaking in another language and it’s another customary tradition – that one. When our stories of faith and my stories tell us, our matrix is ​​one.

Our culture tells us that to honor others and to do what it says, unless we have to listen to strangers. It is very honorable at our house. A “black stranger” means a new man who has never before seen it. Our culture never teaches, but it is an act of praise that we do not know.

We have traditional systems in which we all accept customs that do not belong to our culture and language, and we have traditional traditions that advocate for a person who is rejected. We have cultures that are more right than a member of the family who has come to live with us. We have a noble system where a person, family, heir will come from another place. In this way, we added. We are just a few.

We have built Ethiopia, we together, we together, we died, Together, honked, Together we have here. Of which we have no record, of which we have no tribulation. We have just said, “As the enemy from one border crossing our borders, that nation is a part of the world. It is because we believe that the touch is touching us. The saying that “the nose smites like tears” assumes this.

They do not tolerate pride, hatred, bitterness, and intolerance outside of our history, culture, and tradition. We will wipe out the offspring, but we will not let them grow. We magnify our differences and highlights our history of tradition and culture as an indelible mark. Even though human and man may even be in conflict

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