unknown jail in addis ababa

unknown jail in addis ababa

The Federal High Commissioner for Seger Radio says seven of the seven detained in Addis Ababa are the Housing Corporation.

These secret prisons, allegedly abandoned by various persecution and mistreatment, have been identified as the current housing corporations that have been administered by the existing housing corporations. According to the communications director of the Federal Attorney General’s Office, Ato zenabu, inter-investigations have been completed and some have been returned to Housing Corporation. The rest are said to be packed and sealed. While in the sub-districts and woredas where the detainees remained secretly detained, Ato zenabu did not explicitly speak.
The housing corporation, which houses thousands of homes in Addis Ababa, has served the state government as one of the hottest prisons in the country, and has remained unknown amongst the companies that the corporation has granted authority to.

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