Yemen’s top revolutionary leader, Mohamed Ali al-Houthi, invites Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to attend peace talks in Sweden.

Yemen’s top revolutionary leader, Mohamed Ali al-Houthi, invites Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to attend peace talks in Sweden.

His Excellency Mr. Abiy Ahmed Ali, Prime Minister of the Republic of Ethiopia:

Your message is proof of your concern for peace, so I look forward to your country’s sincere appreciation and to all those who love peace to make a real contribution to stopping the sufferings of the Yemenis imposed on them by the United States of Saudi Arabia and its allies.

I consider your letter to be supportive of peace and a voice for Yemen. It needs political and diplomatic support to deliver the voice that the Yemenis have always waited for to know their grievances, their suffering, their siege and their evils.

Let your people and people know that we in the Republic of Yemen have been and still are with peace. The states of aggression are hindering them with impossible conditions, military escalation, and any peace move, or vice versa.

I hope that you will attend on December 4 – as we do – or your representative, in Sweden, and I am sure that you and everyone who attends will come to the fact that those who refuse to stop the aggression are the aggressor states, led by the United States and its allies.

I am sure that you are from the same people that the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said about him and his family: “Go to the king of Abyssinia, for there is no one wrong with him.”

I call upon you or your representative in these talks to inform you of the arbitrariness of the war, which is not to characterize the war as an aggression against an independent republic and an active member of the international community, violating its sovereignty and killing its people and besieging it by the American aggressor states. Saudi Arabia and its allies on Yemen, which officially announced its foreign intervention.

Instead of representing them in the negotiations, they sent agents with no influence or authority even in any administration. They are “compasses” who convey what the countries of aggression convey. Even in Kuwait, they were not allowed to shake hands with the national delegation. The delegation will go to Sweden in the hope that it will find effective solutions to confront famine, stop salaries, lift the embargo and other humanitarian aspects that should not be subject to dialogue.


We also call upon you, and all the free people in the world, to visit Yemen to learn more closely about the situation that has come about as a result of the American-Saudi aggression against Yemen, with clear and well-known crimes, to bring Yemen to the besieged and besieged. Capable of all options, either honorable peace or confrontation, until God governs, which is the best governors, inspired by pride and dignity and steadfastness of our principles and values that we learned from our religion and our Koran.

May God guide you to lead the Ethiopian people towards a prosperous future, and we congratulate you on the achievements that have been made for your nation, which is to be implemented next year, God willing.

We ask God the security and stability of the two friendly countries

Peace, mercy and blessings of God

Mohammed Ali Al Houthi

President of the Supreme Revolutionary Committee

4 December 2018

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